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Off-the-shelf off-highway haul trucks are great, but they can be better. Let L.B. Philippi, the inventor of the tailgate for off-highway trucks, explain why tailgates will help your organization haul 10% - 20% more per truck.

L.B. Philippi with LeRoy Hagenbuch

L.B. "Phil" Philippi gave a rousing speech to the SAE

"EARTH MOVING. Consider, gentlemen, those two words, EARTH MOVING, and take a moment to reflect on the impact of those words on the entire world.  Realize and appreciate how the moving earth affects each of us individually.  I have had great difficulty beginning this paper, not in knowing what I wanted to say, because the subject is endless, and believe me, I have never had the reputation of being at a loss for words.  The real problem has been with..."

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Clay Albright

Clay Albright

Kentucky Quarry Owner

"I love PHIL tailgates. We've had them for years and they just work. We don't have to do anything to them; no ongoing maintenance. And they stand up to whatever our crew throws at them. I can't say enough about working with the team at PHIL."

Anthony DiCarmine

Anthony DiCarmine

Landfill Maintenance Manager

"We haul a lot of low-density refuse - from C&D waste to MSW. When dealing with large quantities of trash that need to be moved daily in an environment that has soft underfoot conditions, there's only one company that can get us what we need, and that's Philippi-Hagenbuch. All of our off-highway trucks are outfitted with their HiVol® Refuse Bodies at each of our landfill locations."

HardRock Mine in Australia

Operating at Underground Mine in Western Australia

Australian Licensee

"PHIL's Rear Eject Bodies are second to none. They've been operating in our client's underground hard rock mine since 2020 and have worked without fail for over 19,000 hours. We sure wish all off-highway truck equipment was engineered and built this well!"

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